UniMount                                                                                        UniStar                                                                                                MicroStar


                      DoubleStar                                                             EasyView Arm                                                                          DwarfStar



                   BinoLight Mount                                                       BinoRail Finder Bracket


Welcome to Universal Astronomics. Please notice we have an new number and mailing address.

Product prices can be found at the PRICE LIST  page in the menu above.   All prices and information subject to change without notice. 

The versatility of Universal Astronomic's mounting systems allow us to customize each one to fit individual needs. Best efforts will be made to deliver your customized product in a timely manner. However, the popularity of UA products can generate backlogs during times of peak demand. We recommend inquiring about product availability when requesting information or placing an order. Thank You.

All Universal Astronomic's manufactured products are proudly made in the USA. We are also proud to offer a 30 day money-back guaranty for all items sold at UA (optics may be subject to restocking charges)

  • UA introduces 3 new products, the BinoLight Mount  parallelogram (weighing 7 lb, rated for 85 lb load capacity), and the BinoRail Finder Bracket,
  • An improved Sirius UniMount is now available, and as a Sirius T-Mount model as well for superior stability and portability.
  • All our heavy dovetail saddle designs are now available with a double cut jaw for both common size dovetail designs on the market, commonly referred to as Vixen or Losmandy width.
  • All our altaz mount encoder systems are completely internal (have been for a few years actually).  A JMI retrofit  is still available for older models.